Weight Loss Surgery vs. Medical Weight Loss

Weight Loss Surgery vs Medical Weight Loss

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight and get healthy, you likely have many questions about the best place to start. Is weight loss surgery your best option? Or maybe you just need medical weight loss. What is the difference, and which one is best? Let’s look at weight loss surgery vs medical weight loss.

COVID-19 Risk and Bariatric Surgery

Understanding COVID-19 Risk and Bariatric Surgery

During this pandemic, we have all looked a little closer at our health. While COVID-19 poses a threat to everyone, serious complications can be higher among people with certain health conditions, including obesity. In fact, patients with obesity are more likely to develop other conditions that raise the risk of COVID-19 complications. Here’s what you need to know about the COVID-19 risk and bariatric surgery.

weight loss surgery support groups

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

Success after bariatric surgery depends on you and your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. One way many people find success is through weight loss surgery support groups. Meeting with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you is a great way to stay motivated. Here are some of the benefits of weight loss surgery support groups.

weight loss surgery approval time

How Long Does Weight Loss Surgery Approval Take?

Once you have decided on weight loss surgery, you probably want to take the next steps as quickly as possible. So how long does weight loss surgery approval take? Let’s look at the process.

Educational Seminar

Before surgery, you will likely attend an educational seminar. This educates the patient on all the things you need to know about your weight loss surgery.