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Weight Loss Surgery in Maryland FAQ

Weight loss surgery in Maryland encompasses many types of bariatric procedures. These all involves changes to your digestive system that aid in weight loss. People generally consider weight loss surgery when diet and exercise alone fail. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about weight loss surgery in Maryland.

Who benefits form weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is normally recommended for patients with obesity who have not been able to lose weight with diet and exercise, or patients who have been successful in weight loss but gained most or all of it back. The National Institutes of Health recommends weight loss surgery for people with a BMI of 40 or higher, or a BMI of 35-40 with obesity-related conditions. This includes high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or diabetes.

Should I have weight loss surgery in Maryland?

If you have obesity, you may wish to have weight loss surgery in order to improve your health. If you meet the criteria and would like lose weight and improve your health, you should consider speaking to your doctor about weight loss surgery.

What are the benefits of weight loss surgery? weight loss surgery in Maryland

First, you can expect to lose weight. How much and how quickly will depend on the procedure you have. With continued weight loss, you can expect your overall health to improve. You may also see problems like diabetes cured or significantly improved on the day of your procedure. Lastly, many patients experience an increase in energy and a renewed invigoration for life.

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Are there any risks of weight loss surgery in Maryland?

All surgeries come with risks. Some of these include common issues like small wound infections and hernia which are easily treated. Less common risks include a leak or bleeding, which might require a second operation.

How much weight can I lose after surgery?

This will greatly depend on the type of procedure you have. Your excess weight is the difference in your current weight and your ideal body weight. With the gastric band, you can expect to lose between 30-40% of your excess weight. However, with sleeve gastrectomy, between 50-60% of your excess body weight. With the gastric bypass you can expect to lose between 60-70% and with the duodenal switch, you can lose between 70-80% of your excess body weight.

Why should I have weight loss surgery in Maryland?

If you are considering weight loss surgery in Maryland, its important to have a great surgeon. To learn more about the bariatric surgeons at Maryland Bariatrics, please contact us today.

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