Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss in Maryland

When it comes to medical weight loss, Maryland Bariatrics is dedicated to helping our patients lose the weight and keep it off.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss traditionally refers to a program focused on managing your diet, fitness and healthy lifestyle under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Typically, a physician and staff oversee your progress toward your weight loss goals. They can also point out when surgical solutions should be considered.

Oftentimes, a medical weight loss program will include medical diagnostic and metabolic testing. These guide your doctor’s recommendations and monitor your body throughout your program.

Lifestyle Changes

No matter which program you subscribe to, the first step is always focusing on lifestyle changes.

Diet change, adopting a sustainable physical routine, and practicing overall healthy living is essential to getting the weight loss results you seek.

The Importance of Nutrition

Managing the food and beverages that go in to your body is always an important part of any medical weight loss program.

Traditionally, a diet low in fat and sugar and high in natural fiber rich food can be beneficial formedical weight loss maryland your overall health. There are also many successful, healthy diets that are based on lowering carbohydrate intake.

At Maryland Bariatrics, we can discuss the best diet options for you based on your past medical history and individual goals and desires.

Medical Programs vs. Dieting

When it comes to trying to lose the extra weight you may wonder how a medical weight loss program can compare to simple dieting and willpower.

When you are a part of a medically-minded weight loss program you have the benefit of being overseen by medical professionals who can give you the best chance of success for your weight loss goals.

Medical Weight Loss at Maryland Bariatrics

If you are serious about taking the steps to change your life and lose that extra weight the professionals at Maryland Bariatrics are here for you.

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