gastric bypass vs banding

Gastric Bypass vs Banding: What You Need to Know

When diet and exercise fail to help, sometimes surgery is the solution. Let’s look at two options and their differences: gastric bypass vs banding.

Both are known for the results they yield in terms of weight loss.

Read on to learn the difference between gastric banding and gastric bypass surgeries to see if either are the right option for you!


Think: “Shrink!”

Gastric banding is a restrictive surgery where a band is inserted to divide your stomach in half in order to help slow down digestion.

When it comes to gastric bypass vs banding, gastric banding provides a reversible option.

Here are the main “pros” of gastric banding:

Simple: top bariatric surgeons perform this procedure often.gastric bypass v banding

Safe: most surgeons consider banding to be a safe option.

Less scarring: this surgery is performed via a few small incisions.

Easier: most people can return to work within a week and resume most normal activities within six weeks.

Reversible: unlike other weight loss surgeries, this one is reversible.

Some of the “cons” for gastric banding are:

Less dramatic: the weight loss with gastric banding isn’t always very dramatic, and some patients regain.

Side Effects: common ones include vomiting, infection, or band slippage/leakage.


Think: “Divide and conquer!”

Gastric bypass is surgery where your surgeon will divide your stomach in half and connect the lower half to the lower part of your small intestines.

Basically: your body absorbs fewer calories.

What We Love:

Dramatic results: typically, gastric bypass results in significant weight loss.

Long Term: Most patients keep the weight off and for longer.

What We Love Less:

Maintenance: fewer calories can mean fewer nutrients, so supplements and a healthy diet are a must.

Side effects: common ones include diarrhea, nausea, weakness and bloating.

Permanent: gastric bypass is typically irreversible.

Gastric Bypass Vs Banding

Still not sure what the right option is for you? Meeting with a surgeon can help determine which solution best fits your personal needs.

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