Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery Rockville

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery Rockville

Weight loss surgery in Rockville can be a life changing procedure for patients suffering from obesity. While dramatic weight loss is an obvious benefit, there are many other significant benefits of weight loss surgery. Here’s what you should know.

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels

Within two to three months of weight loss surgery, nearly 80% of gastric bypass patients stop taking high blood pressure medication. Likewise, 78% of gastric bypass patients develop normal cholesterol levels within a few months of surgery.


Within DAYS of gastric bypass surgery, 86% of Type II diabetics return to normal blood sugar levels, normal hemoglobin A1C values and can stop their medications, including insulin injections. There is no medical treatment for diabetes than achieves such a complete and profound effect as weight loss surgery.

Breathe Easier

As you achieve weight loss, you can expect dramatic relief in sleep apnea. In fact, most patients report their symptoms are completely gone within a year. Additionally, you will breathe easier in your daily activities after weight loss. This makes exercise and other activities easier.

Heart Health

Improving high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes reduces your risks of heart disease. Furthermore, being able to lead a more active lifestyle will also contribute to your heart health.


Most patients who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease report relief within days of weight loss surgery in Rockville.

Improved Joint Health

After losing weight, many patients report considerable pain relief from degenerative arthritis, disk disease, and weight bearing joints. This improves your quality of life and makes daily activities easier.

Mental Health

Weight Loss Surgery Rockville Maryland

Finally, another great benefit of weight loss surgery is that it can significantly improve mental health. Patients who undergo weight loss surgery report decreases in depression and anxiety and boosts in self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, losing weight allows patients to become more socially active, which improves mental health as well.

Weight Loss Surgery Rockville Maryland

There are many benefits beyond weight loss. If you are ready to see if weight loss surgery is right for you, please contact Maryland Bariatrics today.

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