GERD Surgery

6 Things You Should Know About GERD Surgery

Has your doctor recently recommended GERD surgery after lifestyle changes and medications have not been successful at alleviating your symptoms? If so, there are a few things you should know.

Surgery May be Your Best Option

Many patients may find that acid reflux surgery is the best solution for their GERD diagnosis as an alternative to having to take lifelong medications or for whom medications do not work or are not well tolerated.

There Are Many Types of Reflux Surgery

Your doctor should be able to walk you through your GERD surgery options as there are a few to choose from.

You Will Probably Need to Stay in the Hospital After Surgery

Following your reflux surgery, it is likely that you will need to stay there for a few days while you recover.

GERD Surgery Has a High Rate of Success

The great news is that most patients who undergo acid reflux surgery experience symptom relief so much so that they no longer require medication anymore.

Moreover, many patients may find that their symptoms continue to improve in the long term.

Surgery is Still an Option for Patients Over Age 65

Your age should not affect the success of your surgery. In fact, patients over the age of 65 are still viable options for surgery as a solution.

You should note, however, that older patients generally require a longer hospital stay following surgery than their younger counterparts.

There are Side Effects from Acid Reflux Surgery

A frequent side effect from GERD surgery is that you may experience more bloating and gas due to your new inability to vomit, or burp. However, these symptoms tend to diminish over time.

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