Cost WITHOUT Out of Network Benefits

Financial Breakdown for Patients WITHOUT Out of Network Benefits


It’s important to understand that although Maryland Bariatrics is not in network with your insurance, the Hospital, Anesthesia, and Pathology providers ARE in network with your insurance. Therefore, the majority of your surgery WILL be covered as in-network. Only the surgeon’s fee will be billed as out of network. We will clearly state all of the charges from Maryland Bariatrics before your surgery.

Breakdown of Costs and Reimbursement:

Program Fee: $360 (This is not covered by insurance, and cannot get reimbursed)
Initial Consult: $215
Weight Management: $90 each
Final Pre Op: $145

All of your office visits will be billed to your insurance company. Since you do have out of network benefits, you can expect your insurance to reimburse you directly. If your insurance company should send a check to our office, we agree to reimburse that amount to you in full.

Surgery Costs:

$4,900 Sleeve Gastrectomy

$6,200 Gastric Bypass

$6,900 Duodenal Switch

We will credit all of your payments from the program fee, consultation, and office visits towards your surgery costs.

For example, if you had 4 weight management visits, you would have paid a total of $1,080 between the program fee, consultation visit, weight management, and final pre-op appointment. If your surgery cost is $4,900, your remaining balance for the surgery would be $3,820.

Our team will then bill the surgery claim to your insurance as an out of network provider, and you will receive the reimbursement from your insurance company.

As an office guarantee, we provide 3 months of follow up visits after surgery at NO COST to you!! Additional follow up visits after 3 months are $75 each.


Patient: John Doe
Insurance: Cigna
Out of Network Benefits: No Out of Network Benefits
Weight Management: 6 months/ 6 visits

Program Fee: Mr. Doe pays $360

Initial Consultation: Mr. Doe pays $215

Weight Management: Mr. Doe pays $90 at each visit (x6)

Final Pre Op Visit: Mr. Doe pays $145

Mr. Doe’s out of pocket surgery cost is $4,900 for a sleeve gastrectomy.

He has already paid $1,260 towards his program. That is applied towards his surgery cost.

Remaining balance for surgery: $3,640

Mr. Doe will then receive 3 months of follow up care at NO COST, If he needs more follow up visits after 3 months, it will cost $75 per visit.

Total amount Mr. Doe paid for surgery: $4,900
Total amount for surgery if Mr. Doe did not have insurance: $15,000

**The hospital, anesthesia, and pathologist will all send claims to your insurance company as in-network providers. The amount owed by you will be dependent on your in-network benefits such as deductible and coinsurance.*