Your GERD Surgery Options in Maryland

If you have recently undergone bariatric surgery and are experiencing GERD, surgery options in Maryland will be at the forefront of your mind.

In fact, many patients who have continuous reflux express great distress as a result of this frustrating side effect. 

The good news is that many reputable weight loss surgeons are also skilled with LINX. 

What Is LINX?

LINX is a device that is surgically implanted around the base of the esophagus to treat GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease.)

LINX and Sleeve Gastrectomy

Patients who have undergone a sleeve gastrectomy should consider working with a surgeon who specializes in LINX surgery

This is a great option as it allows patients to achieve relief of their GERD symptoms while still maintaining their sleeve surgery results. 

LINX and Gastric Bypass

If you are a patient who has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery LINX is also an excellent option to treat your symptoms. 

In fact, small studies have recently been conducted that show good control of the reflux for most LINX patients who had also undergone gastric bypass. 

This is particularly significant considering historically a gastric bypass revision surgery would have been the only option to reverse GERD symptoms. 

Find the Right Doctor

Because reflux surgery can become an issue after weight loss surgery it is always important to consider a surgeon who has experience with weight loss surgery and with LINX. 

Before you decide to undergo any surgery do your research to verify that your doctor has the background required to competently and safely treat you. 

You GERD Surgery Options in Maryland 

At Maryland Bariatrics we are proud to have surgeons who specialize in a range of weight loss, GERD, and other relevant surgical specialties. 

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