Feeding Tube Removal in Maryland

Feeding Tube Removal in Maryland

Feeding tube removal in Maryland is a process that removes the feeding tube, or gastronomy tube. G-tubes are necessary for patients who can’t consume nutrients or hydration on their own. This may be due to any number of health concerns. However, once the patient’s health condition has improved, you can begin the process of feeding tube removal.


Everything You Need to Know About Jejunostomy

For those who are unable to eat on their own and interested in Jejunostomy, Maryland Bariatrics is here to answer all of your questions.

What Is a Jejunostomy?

A Jejunostomy tube is a tube that is applied in to the small intestine.

This tube is able to deliver food and medicine to someone who is unable to eat on their own.

Feeding Tube

What Happens During a Feeding Tube Placement?

Feeding tube placement is a standard procedure in any hospital or care center. Below, you may find everything you need to know before you or someone you love receives a feeding tube.

When is a Feeding Tube Used?

Feeding tubes can be put in place for many reasons and they can be used short term or permanently.