Feeding Tube Removal in Maryland

Feeding Tube Removal in Maryland

Feeding tube removal in Maryland is a process that removes the feeding tube, or gastronomy tube. G-tubes are necessary for patients who can’t consume nutrients or hydration on their own. This may be due to any number of health concerns. However, once the patient’s health condition has improved, you can begin the process of feeding tube removal.

Feeding Tube Removal

Feeding tubes can be removed once a provider decides a patient is stable and healthy enough to take nutrition and hydration through regular drinking and eating. The patient must also be able to take their medications orally.

The Procedure

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First, the provider administers anesthesia. Once that is complete, removal only takes a few minutes. The doctor can remove the feeding tube in the office. However, there are a few thing you need to do before your appointment.

The doctor will discuss requirements about meals the day before the procedure. He will also advise you on taking your medications prior to the appointment and which foods and drinks should be avoided before the procedure.

During this time, the doctor will also provide instructions for how to properly care for the opening while it heals. This includes things like how often to the change the dressing, how often to eat, what to eat, instructions for bathing and more.

Removing the Feeding Tube

Once the balloon holding the g-tube in place is deflated, the doctor simply pulls the tube out. Then he covers the wound with gauze and gives you instructions for wound care. Typically, the opening closes on its own. In rare cases, it may require surgery to close. It may take several weeks to heal. Once closed, you will have a very small scar.


While they are rare, complications can occur so its important to monitor your wound and ensure it is healing properly. If you experience bleeding, swelling, pain, redness or warmth around the stoma, you should contact your provider.

 Feeding Tube Removal Maryland

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