Everything You Need to Know About Jejunostomy

For those who are unable to eat on their own and interested in Jejunostomy, Maryland Bariatrics is here to answer all of your questions.

What Is a Jejunostomy?

A Jejunostomy tube is a tube that is applied in to the small intestine.

This tube is able to deliver food and medicine to someone who is unable to eat on their own.

Other Names

The Jejunostomy tube is also called the following names:

  • J Tube
  • G J Tube
  • Jejunum Tube
  • Feeding- Jejunostomy tube


It is always important to protect yourself or your loved one ageist infection and irritation.

Be sure to always clean the dressing surrounding the tube each day and to ensure that it is properly taped at all times.

Always follow the proper cleaning guidelines provided by your doctor to keep the area clean and dry.

Flushing the J Tube

You nurse should be able to give you instructions for flushing the J Tube.

Typically, a syringe is used to slowly drive warm water through the J Port opening.

Following the water flush, you will need to rinse and dry the syringe before future use.

When to Call a Doctor

If you experience any of the following issues with the J Tube you should call your doctor immediately:

  • Vomiting
  • A bloated stomach
  • The tube is leaking
  • The tube has been pulled out
  • Redness at the tube site
  • Swelling at the tube site
  • Unusual color or pus at the tube site
  • Stitches are coming out
  • The tube is leaking

Jejunostomy Maryland Bariatrics

If you or someone you love is unable to swallow food on their own they may be a good candidate for the Jejunostomy tube.

At Maryland Bariatrics we pride ourselves in taking the best care of our patients who need assistance getting the nutrients they need through devices such as the J Tube.

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