bariatric dietician Rockville MD

Why You Need a Bariatric Dietician Rockville MD

A bariatric dietician in Rockville MD is an essential part of your weight loss journey. Whether you are recently considering bariatric options or had bariatric surgery years ago, you can still benefit from working with a bariatric dietician in Rockville MD.

What Is a Bariatric Dietician?

A bariatric dietician assists patients with obesity in understanding and preparing for weight loss options.

binge eating help Maryland

Binge Eating Help in Maryland

Binge eating help in Maryland can make a huge difference in your life. Binge eating disorder is the most common feeding and eating disorder in the United States. However, its about more than food. In fact, its recognized as a psychological condition. Most people need help from medical professionals to overcome binge eating disorder.

eating healthy while dining out

Top 5 Tips for Eating Healthy While Dining Out

Eating out is a part of life for many people, but how do you balance that with weight loss surgery? Here are some tips for eating healthy while dining out. It may take a little bit more planning, but you can still make healthy choices while eating out.


Pay attention to calories.