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Everything You Need to Know About a PEG Tube

If you are about to receive a feeding tube or are in need of a reinsertion of a gastronomy tube, Maryland Bariatrics is here to help.

What Is a PEG Tube?

A PEG tube is a small tube that is inserted in to your stomach.

Medicine, formula or other floods are able to pass through the tube when you are not able to eat or drink on your own.

A PEG may also be used to remove air or fluid from your stomach if needed.

How Is a PEG Tube Applied?

A PEG tube is applied by your doctor.

Your doctors will use an endoscope camera to help locate the best area to place the PEG tube.

Once the ideal location is identified, your doctor will make a small cut in your skin to insert the PEG tube in to your stomach.

Once inserted, a small balloon is blown up and applied to the end of the tube in your stomach.

Does the PEG Tube Insertion Hurt?

Your doctor should usually apply an IV of medicine which can help to calm you during the insertion process.

As a result of the IV you may fall asleep, or even not recall receiving the procedure at all.

Following the tube insertion, you may feel mild pain which can be relieved with a pain medication from your doctor.

How Long Will I Have a PEG Tube?

How long you have a PEG tube depends primarily on your weight, ability to swallow and eating habits.

You should speak with your doctor to discuss the possible timeline for your PEG Tube.

Reinsertion of Gastrostomy Tube- Maryland Bariatrics

If you require reinsertion of your gastrostomy tube be sure to call your doctor or emergency room to have another tube inserted.

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