Feeding Tube

What Happens During a Feeding Tube Placement?

Feeding tube placement is a standard procedure in any hospital or care center. Below, you may find everything you need to know before you or someone you love receives a feeding tube.

feeding tube placement

When is a Feeding Tube Used?

Feeding tubes can be put in place for many reasons and they can be used short term or permanently.

People who are not able to take food orally, who have trouble swallowing or who sometimes breathe in their food while eating are prime examples of someone requiring feeding tube placement.

Additionally, in some cases infants are born with abnormalities in their esophagus, stomach or mouth which may require a feeding tube.

What Happens When You Receive a Feeding Tube?

Before the procedure you will be administered a sedative along with a pain killer, usually through an IV in your arm.

In some cases, you will also receive a numbing spray in your mouth to control your reflex to cough or gag during the insertion of the feeding tube.

The feeding tube is then placed using a procedure called endoscopy.

During this procedure a small camera is inserted through your mouth and esophagus until it reaches the stomach to help pinpoint the area where the doctor needs to cut in to your stomach to insert the feeding tube.

Once inserted, the area of the stomach around the tube is repaired using stitches.

Post Procedure

You should always speak with your doctor about recommendations for treating the area after the feeding tube has been placed.

Your doctor should provide you with instructions for how to care for the skin around the tube, signs of infection or blockage to look out for, and how/what to feed through the tube etc.

You stomach should heal within one-week following the procedure.

Feeding Tube Placement

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