Weight Loss Surgery Maryland

A Second Weight Loss Surgery?

Bad news: You gained all the weight back from your weight loss surgery years ago. Sometimes the answer is a second weight loss surgery Maryland Bariatrics professionals advise.

Good news: You are not alone! While not very frequent, there are many contributing factors why some patients gain the weight back (this is especially common after gastric band surgery).

Let’s take a look at why you may need to consider a second surgery.

Take Control of Your Weight Gain With These 5 Steps

STEP ONE: The first step in identifying why you have gained the weight back is to evaluate what has changed in your life since your initial surgery.

Have you:

Had children?
Gone through a relationship change?
Started a new diet?
Moved to a new country/region with different food?
Started a new job or taken on more stress?
Stopped exercising?

If you check any of these boxes above you might need to reevaluate some lifestyle changes with you doctor and nutritionist.

STEP TWO: Meet with your doctor to discuss additional reasons for weight gain.

Depending on when you had the initial surgery, there have likely been medical advances where you might benefit more from a second surgery.

Has your stomach stretched? This is a common an anticipated result of an older surgery which is easily addressed with your doctor.

STEP THREE: Work with your doctor to identify which secondary surgery is right for you. Common surgeries include:

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Duodenal Switch Surgery

STEP FOUR: Make sure you are covered!

Generally, most insurance companies will cover revisions of your weight loss surgery if you have regained the weight.

Most insurance companies also cover you if you have a BMI greater than 40 or if you have a BMI of 35 accompanied by a secondary medical issue that is weight related.

STEP FIVE: Schedule your surgery!

Note: Your recovery time may be longer than your initial surgery due to altered blood supply and scar tissue. Discuss inpatient and recovery time with your doctor.

Weight Loss Surgery Maryland

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