Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Knowing what to expect from your weight loss surgery recovery is the best way to prepare yourself for this entire life-altering process.

The average patient is expected to spend around two to five days in the hospital for recovery, barring any additional complications.

During this time, you will be closely monitored by your medical team until you are determined well enough to continue your recovery at home.

Controlling the Pain

You will likely be in some amount of pain following your weight loss surgery.

Your pain management will begin in the hospital where you can push through pain medication into your body until you are ready to tolerate fluids in which case you will be given oral medication.

Always be sure to be honest with your doctors and nurses about the pain you are experiencing.

Speeding Recovery Through Exercise

There are many simple tasks you can do such as changing your position in bed or walking which can help promote your healing process.

Speak to your doctor about which exercises they recommend in order to increase good blood flow to encourage healing and wellness.

Additionally, your doctor will discuss strategic ways to breathe, cough, and move your legs and feet to strengthen your body through the recovery process.

Recovering at Home

Once your recovery is moved to your home it important to prepare ahead of time to create an environment conducive to the healing process.

Your medical staff can help you to make the proper changes before surgery so that you don’t have any unforeseen troubles once you are at home.

Additionally, your doctor will recommend that you avoid strenuous activities for three to six weeks after your weight loss surgery.

Activities that you can do from home which can benefit your recovery process is to partake in include short walks, staying hydrated, and caring for your wounds as directed by your doctor.

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