bariatric dietician tips

Tips from a Bariatric Dietician

When you undergo bariatric surgery with Maryland Bariatrics, we make sure you have the best resources to aid your success. One of the best things you can do to boost your weight loss is to speak to a bariatric dietician before and after your procedure. Here are some of the top bariatric dietician tips.

social eating after weight loss surgery

Top Tips for Social Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

Social eating after weight loss surgery can be overwhelming. Food is a huge part of life and that doesn’t change just because you undergo weight loss surgery. Enjoying food is an integral part of our culture. Here are our top tips for social eating after weight loss surgery.

Eating After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery,

Best Bariatric Dietician

The Bad Nutrition Advice the Best Bariatric Dietician Want You to Ignore

There is so much misinformation out there when it comes to dieting tips for those looking for a new start, especially as the new year approaches. Below are some of the top nutrition myths the best bariatric dietician wants you to forget immediately!