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The Bad Nutrition Advice the Best Bariatric Dietician Want You to Ignore

There is so much misinformation out there when it comes to dieting tips for those looking for a new start, especially as the new year approaches. Below are some of the top nutrition myths the best bariatric dietician wants you to forget immediately!

Myth #1: There Is No Such Thing as a Bad Food

This could not be more wrong, there are many foods that are much worse than others.

Consider things like candy, soda, and greasy potato chips. All of these options are not ideal when compared to hunger sustaining and body benefiting vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Does this mean you should eat a diet exclusively consisting of “good” food? No, but you must accept the fact that some food is in fact, bad.

Myth #2: Fruit is Bad for You

One of the most popular myths is the notion that fresh fruit is unhealthy due to its high sugar content.

The truth is somewhere in between. Carbohydrates can be bad, and there are some low glycemic fruits but in general, you want to think about how you are going to spend your 50 carbs, and is one fruit worth half the carbs?

While fruit may not be the worst choice, there are certainly better ways to account for your daily carbohydrate intake.

Myth #3: Juicing is a Great Way to Lose Weight

While you may drop weight on a juice cleanse, you may be doing more harm than good.

In fact, relying on a diet exclusively of juice not only doesn’t give your body the calories it requires, but also deprives you of necessary protein, carbohydrates and fat which is necessary for a balanced diet.

Ditch the juicing fad and instead lose weight with a balanced diet filled with vegetables, and lean proteins.

And remember: eating helps us slow down and also you get more fiber to feel more full.

Myth #4 Hiring the Best Bariatric Dietician is Only for Some Patients

Any patient can benefit from seeking out the guidance from a dietician in order to lose weight and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At Maryland Bariatrics we are proud to offer nutrition and dietician services just for you! Call today to schedule your consultation: (301)965-0546.

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