Emergency General Surgery Maryland

The Most Common Emergency General Surgery Maryland

Emergency general surgery in Maryland can be scary. However, skilled surgeons are helping patients just like you find relief quickly and effectively by performing skilled surgeries at the drop of a hat.

In fact, it is believed that over three million patients are admitted for surgery every year with roughly 80% of these being considered an emergency.

Below are some of the most frequently performed emergency surgeries in the US.

Colectomy Surgery

A colectomy is a surgical procedure where part or all of the large bowel is removed. This is necessary for patients experiencing uncontrolled bleeding or who have a large obstruction.

Gall Bladder Surgery

If a gall stone is not able to be passed through traditional methods, surgery may be required.

Fortunately, gall bladder removal is generally minimally invasive and performed frequently.


Did you know that one in 20 patients will suffer from appendicitis? For anyone who has experienced this condition, you know it is painful and requires urgent attention.

An appendectomy remains to be one of the top emergency surgery procedures performed in hospitals and surgery centers all over the world.

Stomach Ulcer Surgery

While modern medicine has made surgery less necessary for patients experiencing discomfort due to an ulcer, surgery is sometimes required. In fact, ulcers remain to be a common emergency procedure that has helped patients finally experience relief.

Emergency General Surgery Maryland

If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency it is crucial that you reach out to a surgery center that has the skills and means to act quickly and effectively to relieve your symptoms.

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