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What Foods to Avoid After Surgery | The Gastric Bypass Diet

There are a handful of foods you should avoid if you have recently undergone gastric bypass surgery. Save this list when planning for your post surgery gastric bypass diet.

Empty Calorie Food

Following gastric bypass surgery, your stomach has shrunk drastically which makes nutrition essential.

That is why it is recommended that you stay away from foods with empty calories and no nutritional value such as candy, chips, and pastries.


Liquids take up a lot of real estate in your stomach which means that you need to focus on body-boosting drinks such as water and avoid alcohol.

Not only is alcohol unhealthy, but following surgery, your absorption levels increase which can become a health hazard.

Instead, opt for at least two liters of water per day and avoid caffeine and sugary drinks.

Tough Meat

Chewing becomes an integral part of eating and digesting following surgery which is why most doctors recommend you steer clear of tough-to-chew meats.

This list includes pork chops, steak, ham, and even hot dogs.

Instead, create a meal plan filled with meats such as chicken, fish, or turkey as a healthier alternative.

Fatty Food

Did you know that eating too much fat can lead to dumping syndrome and even make you feel ill?

Ditch the high fat food such as bacon and sausage and try low fat cheese, turkey, and chicken as your go-to mealtime treat.

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