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Got Gallstones? Why You May Need Gallbladder Surgery

Are you or your loved one suffering from gallstones? Gallbladder surgery might be the answer to your discomfort.

Gallbladder Surgery

There are two ways in which your doctor can perform gallbladder surgery

  1. Open Surgery

During open surgery your doctor will remove your gallbladder through a five to seven inch cut in your stomach.

  1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Also known as keyhole surgery, this approach removes your gallbladder by inserting a small camera in to tiny incisions in your stomach.

This camera is used to better view the gallbladder for more efficient removal.

Does Everyone Need Surgery?

Just because you have gallstones does not necessarily mean you need to undergo gallbladder surgery.

If a gallstone blocks a bile duct and causes a gallbladder attack you may be in serious pain and require surgery immediately.

If left untreated, a gallbladder attack may cause an inflamed gallbladder, pancreas or bile ducts.

Testing Before Surgery

Before determining if you are a candidate for gallbladder surgery your doctor will want to run a blood test, ultrasound, MRI or endoscopic ultrasonography in order to see the effect your gallstones are having on your overall health.


Depending on the type of surgery performed your recovery time may vary.

For open surgery, the average time it may take for your body to fully heal is six to eight weeks.

Laparoscopic surgery is less intrusive on your body and generally yields a recovery period of two weeks to heal.

Gallbladder Surgery Near You

When deciding if gallbladder surgery is the right option for you it is important that you speak with board certified and highly trained professional in this area of expertise.

At Maryland Bariatrics our physicians and staff pride themselves in providing excellent services to the Maryland community.

To learn more about gallbladder surgery at Maryland Bariatrics or to schedule an initial consultation visit our website today or call us at (301)965-0546.

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