Counseling Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

The Importance of Counseling Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

Counseling before and after weight loss surgery can make all of the difference to support your weight loss journey.

However, many patients are hesitant about what counseling entails when discussing the first steps towards undergoing bariatric surgery.

Does Counseling Increase My Chances for a Successful Bariatric Surgery?

Counseling is a necessary part of the weight loss surgery experience.

The best way to prepare yourself for what is to come is to work with a counselor and your doctors for many months before your procedure.

By meeting with these weight loss professionals, you are setting yourself up with proper expectations to best prepare you for surgery.

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is an umbrella term for many different types of weight loss surgery.

Some of the most popular surgeries include gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric banding, duodenal switch, and more.

How Can I Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery?

To best prepare for your upcoming surgery, you will want to work with a counselor whose job it is to prepare patients for the changes that will come from weight loss surgery.

During this time, you can begin adjusting your diet and lifestyle to make healthier choices to support your weight loss.

Bariatric Surgery Support Groups Post Surgery

A great way to protect your treatment results is to sign up for a support group after surgery.

A support group can provide you with a group of people going through the same things as you so that you have a community overseen by medical professionals.

Where to Find Counseling Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

At Maryland Bariatrics our team of surgeons are uniquely qualified to help our patients meet their weight loss goals for a healthier life.

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