Cheapest Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Maryland

Cheapest Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Maryland

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgeries. For patients with obesity, weight loss surgery can be life changing. However, many patients worry about the cost. So, what is the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in Maryland?

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve is a minimally invasive procedure done under general anesthesia. During this weight loss surgery, around 80% of the outer part of the stomach is removed. This includes the portion of the stomach that produces hunger hormones. The remaining stomach is stapled or sutured together to make a new, banana shaped stomach.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Cheapest Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Maryland

Gastric Sleeve surgery prices can vary greatly depending on factors like your location, the surgeon’s experience level, how long you stay in the hospital and more. A recent study found that the average cost of gastric sleeve surgery was $14,389. Prices ranged from $7,423 to $33,541. Many insurance companies cover at least a portion of the procedure if there are serious health problems present related to the patient’s obesity.

For most insurance companies to consider covering a part of the procedure, an individual will need to have:

  • A BMI greater than 35, or 30 with a medical condition related to obesity.
  • At least one serious health condition related to their obesity.
  • Previous unsuccessful attempts to control obesity with other medical treatments.

How long does a sleeve gastrectomy last?

Unlike gastric band or balloon, a sleeve gastrectomy is a permanent procedure. It can’t be reversed.

What to Expect During Recovery

After you are released from the hospital, you will need to take 1-2 weeks off from work. Additionally, you will need to stick to a specific diet and recommended vitamins and supplements. These things should be considered when you are thinking of the overall cost.

Cheapest Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Maryland

For patients with out of network benefits, a sleeve gastrectomy will cost around $5,000. Even though Maryland Bariatrics might be out of network with your insurance provider, the hospital, anesthesia, and pathology are in network. This drastically reduces the amount you will pay. To learn more about the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in Maryland, contact Maryland Bariatrics today. We also serve patients in Northern Virginia.

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