Does Weight Loss Surgery Make You Healthier

Does Weight Loss Surgery Make You Healthier?

While weight loss surgery does help you lose weight, you have a lot to gain from the procedure. Weight loss surgery can help make you healthier overall which may extend your life. In addition to moving and feeling better, you can expect to take fewer prescription medications as well. Here are some of the ways weight loss surgery makes you healthier.

Relief of Depression weight loss surgery makes you healthier

Many patients who have obesity also have depression. This is due to poor body image and social stigma. Even younger patients find it difficult to participate in activities that they might otherwise enjoy. Unfortunately, this leads to social isolation and depression.

However, losing weight can improve emotional health, reduce depression, and improve the patient’s social life. in fact, studies show that people who had bariatric surgery experienced a 32.7% decrease in depression at the time of surgery and 16.5% decrease 6-12 months after surgery.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Weight loss surgery can greatly decrease your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral heart disease. Often, blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to normal, or near normal, after surgery. This reduces cardiovascular risks and improves overall being.

Long-term Remission for Type 2 Diabetes

Many patients with obesity also develop type 2 diabetes. However, weigh loss surgery can be a highly effective procedure for long term remission of type 2 diabetes. Many patients can remain free of insulin and other related medications for years after surgery.

Sleep Apnea

Bariatric surgery can greatly improve sleep apnea. Around 85% of patients experience remission of sleep apnea within a year of bariatric surgery.


After bariatric surgery, many patients experience improved fertility during childbearing years. Additionally, some studies suggest that weight loss may improve menstrual cycles in anovulatory women and reduce risk of miscarriage.

Join Pain

Finally, carrying excessive weight causes severe stress on your joints. Often, this causes chronic pain and even damages the joint. On the other hand, significant weight loss relieves the stress on joints and allows patients to enjoy better mobility.

Weight Loss Surgery Makes You Healthier

As you can see, there are many ways that weight loss surgery makes you healthier, in addition to the actual weight loss. Are you ready to learn more about weight loss surgery? Contact Maryland Bariatrics today.

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