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Jaw Dropping Weight Loss Surgery Before and After’s | Maryland Bariatrics

Today we highlight the weight loss surgery before and after success stories at Maryland Bariatrics!

Why Weight Loss Surgery

We are always so excited to see how weight loss surgery is helping millions of patients to finally achieve their dream bodies.

After all, many patients are simply not able to lose extra body weight without medical intervention.

For these patients, weight loss surgery can be a life-changing and highly effective option to get healthy and to improve their quality of life.

The Digital Weight Loss Community

Social media has become the latest space for weight loss surgery patients to share their journey as well as their treatment results with the world.

This has created a strong sense of community for those who have undergone surgery.

Moreover, social media provides an encouraging space for those who are interested in surgery as a weight loss solution.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Patient, @mariad.pena

Maryland Bariatrics Patient

Maria underwent a sleeve gastrectomy surgery and has been living a healthy life ever since with no end in sight.

She is always sharing her weight loss story with the world through her social media and even credits Dr. Greene for “saving her life.”

Weight Loss Surgery Patient, @decarlosp

Maryland Bariatrics Patient

This patient has undergone an extreme transformation.

Weight loss surgery through Maryland Bariatrics has given him a second lease on life to live it to the fullest and in the healthiest way possible.

Bariatric Surgery Patient, @mamaluvinlife

Maryland Bariatrics Patient

Veronica has lost a total of 120 pounds since her weight loss surgery at Maryland Bariatrics just one year ago.

Like many patients, she remains dedicated to her new healthy lifestyle and motivated to be the best she can be!

Weight Loss Surgery Before and After- Maryland Bariatrics

Are you a current or former patient and would like to share your experience at Maryland Bariatrics?

Please reach out to us today with your pictures to be featured on future blog posts or even on our social media!

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