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Life After Surgery According to a Weight Loss Surgeon and Dietician

The first year after bariatric surgery can be a shock to the system which is why we are speaking with a weight loss surgeon and dietician to help you learn what to expect in the coming months.

First, congratulations on your decision to commit to your health by working with a professional team to address your extra body weight. Obesity is a disease that affects millions and it is a great step in the right direction to fight back.

What to Do Before Weight Loss Surgery

Before your surgery, be sure to work closely with your medical team to identify clear and realistic goals about what your results might be.

Most insurance companies require at least six months of patient education before surgery to best prepare the patient for what is to come.

Part of this process may include adopting healthier lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.

What Happens After Weight Loss Surgery?

The first two weeks following surgery will see a change in your diet while you recover comprised mostly of liquid protein.

Little by little your doctor and dietician will counsel you on introducing new foods to your diet while your body begins to lose weight and adjust to its new normal.

Between one year and 18 months after surgery, you can expect to have lost a substantial amount of weight.

How to Support Weight Loss After Surgery

The 2 biggest keys to impact your post-surgery weight loss effort are diet and exercise.

This is why it is so important to work closely with your weight loss surgeon and dietician to lean on during this time as your guides towards the healthiest version of yourself.

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