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Ready to Lose Weight? The Answer is a Dietician Near Me

Did you know that research supports that one of the best strategies to actually get rid of that unwanted body fat is to work closely with a dietician near me?

That’s right, there is no shame in reaching out to a professional when you are struggling. In fact, many men and women who are suffering from obesity are not able to lose weight on their own for medical reasons.

What Does a Dietician Do?

A dietician is a professional who works with their clients to create a customized weight loss and overall health care plan.

The goal when working with this professional is to lose weight and to have someone who can not only hold you accountable to your commitment, but who is also trained to make sure weight loss is occurring in a safe and healthy manner.

How Does a Dietician Create a Care Plan?

The process of creating a customized care plan for every patient will vary for each professional.

However, you can generally expect your weight loss journey to begin with a nutrition assessment where the nutrition history of the patient is collected along with any medical history or laboratory data as well as body measurements to get the baseline information.

Next, the dietician uses this information to diagnose and create a treatment plan based on their diagnosis.

Last, any qualified dietician will work with their clients to assess the success of their care plan and make changes where necessary.

Where Can I Find a Dietician Near Me?

At Maryland Bariatrics we offer a comprehensive program to help our patients achieve weight loss for a healthier life.

We are proud to be home to skilled surgeons, staff and a new dietician to support our patients on their weight loss journey.

To schedule your weight loss consultation today call us at (301)965-0546.

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