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Reflux Surgery: When Is It a Good Option?

Who should consider reflux surgery in Maryland? If you are taking a proton pump inhibitor and are still experiencing reflux symptoms, you may be wondering why the medication isn’t keeping your reflux at bay.

There may be several explanations for breakthrough symptoms or uncontrolled acid reflux while taking PPIs.

Continue reading to learn why your medication isn’t working and when it’s time to consider reflux surgery Maryland.

Reasons Why Your Heartburn Medication Isn’t Working

1. You’ve Been Misdiagnosed

In some cases, the patient’s symptoms aren’t caused by acid reflux. In fact, it is quite possible that another ailment, such as muscle contractions, stretching, non-acid reflux, or a non-related condition, may be responsible.

2. You Haven’t Made Lifestyle Modifications

PPI therapy doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever or whenever you want. When a patient takes PPIs, but continues to consume heavy meals, eats late at night, goes to bed right after eating, or consumes triggering foods, he is more likely to experience breakthrough symptoms.

3. You Aren’t Taking the Medications as Directed

Medication dose and timing are key to its efficacy. This is especially true for proton pump inhibitors which should be taken 30-45 minutes before a meal.

4. You Don’t Have a Back-Up Plan

It’s important for patients taking proton pump inhibitors to have a back-up plan for breakthrough symptoms. Often times, this means taking an antacid or H-2 blocker for additional relief.

When Medications Fail, Reflux Surgery Maryland May be Your Best Option

What if patients are taking their medication properly and doing all the right things, but are still experiencing uncontrolled acid reflux? In these cases, it may be time to consider reflux surgery in Maryland.

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Reflux surgery involves a laparoscopic procedure that tightens the valve to the esophagus and keeps acid out. When performed by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, the procedure fully alleviates symptoms and eliminates the need for medication.

Learn More About Heartburn Medication and Reflux Surgery Maryland

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