Benefits of Seeing a Bariatric Dietitian Maryland

Benefits of Seeing a Bariatric Dietitian Maryland

Weigh loss surgery is a life changing event. But having the surgery is just a step in the right direction, there are many choices after surgery that impact your weight loss success. One of those is seeing a bariatric dietician in Maryland. Here’s how it benefits you.

Customized Nutritional Guidance

Most weight loss surgeries create significant changes to your digestive system. This impacts how you absorb nutrients. A bariatric dietician understands these changes and can develop a personalized meal plan that meets your unique nutritional needs. They help you consume enough protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This also helps prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Having the guidance of a bariatric dietician helps you develop a well-balanced diet to support weight loss, promote healing, and maintain long term health.

Post-Surgery Progression

After your weight loss surgery, your diet will progress through different stages, usually starting with a liquid diet and slowly introducing solid foods. Your bariatric dietician guides you through this progress and ensures that you transition safely.

They help you understand portion control, meal frequency, and food choice. This prevents complications like gastric discomfort and dumping syndrome.


As we discussed earlier, it can be hard to get adequate vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery. Sometimes you need a supplement. Your bariatric dietician in Maryland can guide you through choosing the right supplements and monitor your nutritional status.

Behavior Modification and Emotional Support

Benefits of Seeing a Bariatric Dietitian Maryland

Bariatric surgery isn’t just a physical change. It involves many emotional and behavioral adjustments. Having a dietician on your team means you get valuable guidance and support to help you develop healthier relationships with food, adopt mindful eating habits and address emotional eating.

Your bariatric dietician helps you set realistic goals, develop coping strategies to navigate emotional aspects of your weight loss journey, manage cravings and more.

Long Term Maintenance

What happens after you reach your goal weight? Sustaining weight loss after surgery requires ongoing support and commitment. A dietician is a vital source of guidance and motivation as you navigate life after bariatric surgery. They help you with strategies to manage weight fluctuation and prevent weight regain.

Regular check ins with your bariatric dietician helps you stay accountable for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Top Bariatric Dietician Maryland

Having the expertise of a registered bariatric dietician is crucial for patients undergoing weigh loss surgery. Their personalized guidance, emotional support, and nutritional expertise significantly enhance your chances of successful weight loss and long-term health. Contact Maryland Bariatrics today to learn more.

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