weight gain after VSG

Causes of Weight Gain After VSG

Weight gain after VSG happens for as many as 30% of patients. This may mean regaining a small amount of weight or regaining all the excess weight lost. So, what causes weight gain after VSG, and can you reverse it?

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is a wonderful procedure that can help patients with obesity lose up to 70% of their excess body weight within two years of surgery. It works by making the patient feel full sooner and reducing the amount of hunger causing hormones secreted by the stomach.

Weight Gain After VSG

weight gain after VSG

Unfortunately, some patients regain weight. This amount can vary greatly. The biggest reason for this is that poor diet choices or lifestyle habits cause the gastric sleeve to stretch out. This can happen because of:

  • Overeating during meals
  • Drinking within 30 minutes of your meals (before or after)
  • Eating or drinking the wrong kind of foods
  • Not exercising enough

Its important to note that the sleeve may stretch even if patients have perfect diets and eating habits. When this occurs, the patient can eat more during meals and the amount of hunger causing hormones secreted by the stomach increases.

How to Reverse Weight Gain After VSG

The first step is to change your diet and lifestyle back to the good habits you formed right after surgery. Another thing you can do to help is to attend a bariatric weight loss support group. These groups offer support and solidarity during your weight loss journey. There are also helpful tips about diet and lifestyle habits.

Furthermore, you should speak to your doctor about your weight gain and see what he recommends. You may need to address food addiction, explore medications, or consider a revision surgery. Your provider can also help you coordinate with a bariatric dietician to discuss your diet and nutrition.

To learn more about bariatric weight loss support, please contact Maryland Bariatrics.

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