Foods to Avoid After Gastric Bypass

Best Foods to Avoid After Gastric Bypass

Bariatric surgery is a big change and while it can be a life changing choice for many people, its important to know that the surgery isn’t a one-time fix. Your diet and lifestyle still have to change after gastric bypass or any other bariatric surgery. You will need to pay closer attention to vitamin and nutrient intake, and you will also need to avoid certain foods. Here are some foods to avoid after gastric bypass.

Empty Calories

Your stomach is only about the size of an egg after surgery, so you must make good decisions to ensure that you get enough nutrition each day. Avoid foods with little to no nutritional value like rice cakes, pretzels, chips, sweets, and popcorn.


On the other hand, alcohol is very high in calories. Liquids take up precious space in your stomach that needs to go to nutritious foods. In short, alcohol takes up room that should be reserved for your daily water intake and nutrient rich foods.

Bread, Rice, and Pasta foods to avoid after gastric bypass

Starchy foods can be hard to swallow without a liquid and in some cases, they can block the hole to your new stomach. So, its best to avoid them in the beginning. When you do eat starchy foods, choose small portions and chew very well.

Dry Foods

Dry foods should typically be avoided in the beginning of your bariatric surgery diet. They can be hard to swallow, especially without liquids. You can have things like cereal softened by milk. After a bit, you can try small pieces of dry foods to see if you can tolerate them. As your body heals you will be able to add these foods back into your diet.

High Fat Foods

Fatty foods can make you nauseous after bariatric surgery. Aside from the fact that high fat isn’t good for long term weight loss, these high fat foods can lead to dumping syndrome.

Tough Meat and Fibrous Foods

Its important to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables and lean protein. However, tough meat and fibrous foods should be avoided after gastric bypass. These foods are harder to digest. Its best to stick to cooked, soft vegetables and tender meats. Chew slowly and very thoroughly.

Dietician for Foods to Avoid After Gastric Bypass

A bariatric dietician is an essential part of your success. To speak to a dietician and learn more about which foods you should avoid after gastric bypass, as well as which foods you should include in your diet, please contact Maryland Bariatrics.

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