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Best Protein Shakes for Post-Bariatric Surgery

Are you looking for the best protein shakes for post bariatric surgery? Your dietary needs change after bariatric surgery so having the right nutrition plan is essential to your health, as well as your weight loss journey.

Increasing Protein Intake

The recommended protein intake varies depending on a patient’s individual needs, their type of bariatric surgery and their prescribed diet plan. Since bariatric surgery reduced the stomach’s capacity, it can be difficult for patients to consume enough protein from foods alone in the first several months after surgery.

Therefore, many patients need to add protein supplements and other protein sources, like shakes, protein bars, or protein water to their diet. This ensure that the patient is meeting the daily protein requirements. The American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery recommends at least 60g of protein per day after bariatric surgery.

Why Protein Matters

Protein intake is a vital part of your health. Adequate protein intake after bariatric surgery is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Protein aids in proper wound healing
  • Protein helps the body burn fat instead of muscle for a healthier weight loss
  • It curbs carbohydrate highs and lows
  • Protein slows digestion to help you feel full and satisfied for longer, which reduces hunger between meals
  • It promotes muscle repair and growth

While protein is important, the product you choose matters. Not all protein supplements are suitable for bariatric patients. Protein supplements are tailored to specific needs. Some are designed to help you gain weight. So, it’s important to choose the right one. So, how do you find the best protein shakes for post bariatric surgery?

Choosing a Protein

There are many protein replacements and supplements on the market so finding the best one for you can be challenging. However, there are some things to look for that can aid your search. Generally, you should pay attention to the calories, fat content and carbohydrates per serving.

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Best Protein Shakes for Post Bariatric Surgery best protein shakes for post bariatric surgery

Some great options for protein shakes include:

  • Premier Protein. This is a fan favorite. This high protein shake packs 30g protein, 160 calories, 1g sugar and 24 vitamin and minerals per serving. Available in a wide variety of flavors, both ready-to-drink and powder form. It offers a host of nutritional and health benefits for bariatric patients. It is a great source of energy, promotes muscle strength and mass and keeps you feeling satisfied longer.
  • Isopure. This low carb protein shake is extremely low in fat and carbs and contains 50g of high-quality protein. It is an excellent option for bariatric patients.
  • This is a flavorless, odorless, medical grade protein. It is highly recommended for bariatric patients since it contains 30g protein per tablespoon. Additionally, it is versatile enough to be mixed into any hot or cold beverage.
  • Premier Protein Water. This filtered water is infused with 20g of whey protein isolates. No added sugar or calories makes it a convenient, great tasting way to boost protein and hydration.
  • Isopure Protein Water. Zero carbs, with 40g of 100% whey protein isolate. It comes in a wide variety of flavors. Perfect for bariatric patients on special diets since it does not contain gluten, lactose, or sugar. It is also vegetarian.

Protein Bars & Other Supplements

Protein bars, pancakes, chips, muffins and more available in most grocery stores. These are a great way to get additional protein in your diet, incorporate healthy snacks and most are easy to eat on the go making it perfect for busy schedules.

  • Pure Protein Bars. Gluten free protein bars with 20g protein, 17g carbs, 6g fat and 2g sugar. Highly recommended because they do not have a chalky protein aftertaste. Great source of energy and good for weight loss.
  • Quest Nutrition Protein Bar. Come in a variety of flavors like peanut butter, cinnamon, cookie dough, brownie, and more. Perfect guilt-free snack with 21g protein, 1g sugar, 21 g carbs and 17g of fiber.
  • Atkins Protein Bar. High protein, low carb meal replacement or snack. Ideal for bariatric patients who need lower calories and carbs.
  • Carbquick. This low-carb baking mix is made from wheat, is low in calories and sodium, has no sugar-alcohols or trans fats and contain 8g fiber and 4g protein per serving. This versatile mix can make pancakes, pizza dough, biscuits, waffles, and much more.

More About the Best Protein Shakes for Post Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a significant life event. We highly recommend working with a bariatric dietician during your post-bariatric weigh loss journey. To learn more, please contact Maryland Bariatrics.

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