nonsurgical weight loss procedures in maryland

Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures in Maryland | Gastric Balloon

Nonsurgical weight loss procedures in Maryland are a promising option for people who need help losing weight but don’t want to undergo surgery, or those who do not qualify for bariatric surgery.

Endoscopic Weight Loss Procedures

nonsurgical weight loss procedures in Maryland gastric balloon

These procedures have better results that medication, but they do not offer the same weight loss results as bariatric surgery. These procedures are an option for people who are in the earlier stages of obesity, have a BMI of 30-35, with some obesity related medical conditions.


How Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures Work

These procedures are performed endoscopically. During the procedure, a thin, flexible tube with a camera and light on the tip, is inserted through a small opening in the body, like the mouth. Special surgical tools are passed through the endoscope so the doctor can place a device or medication in your stomach.

Nonsurgical weight loss procedures in Maryland are performed by specialist with advanced training in GI endoscopy. These procedures, like traditional bariatric surgery, require lifestyle changes to achieve success.

Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is a nonsurgical, temporary procedure. This is a good option for adults with a BMI between 30 and 35. Additionally, this procedure can often be used to jump-start weight loss and help you lose weight in order to reduce the risks associated with surgery.

During this procedure, an endoscope is used to insert a soft, durable balloon in your stomach. The balloon is filled with saline solution to take up space in your stomach. This makes you feel fuller and helps reduce the amount of food you eat. This is a quick procedure, and you can go home just a few hours later.

Since this is a temporary procedure, you will only keep the balloon for six months. Weight loss is typically rapid during the first four month. Furthermore, patients lost an average of 20-30 pounds after their gastric balloon procedure.

Nonsurgical Weight Loss Procedures in Maryland

If you are interested in learning about the gastric balloon or other options for nonsurgical weight loss procedures, please contact Maryland Bariatrics.


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