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FAQ About Gastric Balloon Maryland

Gastric balloon in Maryland is a popular choice for weight loss. However, many patients still have questions about the procedure and what they can expect after. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about gastric balloon in Maryland.

How does gastric balloon work?

Gastric balloon is a simple procedure. A saline filled balloon is placed in the stomach to create a sensation of fullness. This makes the patient less likely to overeat, which helps patients lose weight. This also helps patients adjust to smaller portions.

How is the balloon placed?

The gastric balloon is inserte4d through the esophagus and guided into the stomach with an endoscope. It will remain for six months before being removed.

gastric balloon marylandWhat happens after the balloon is removed?


After the gastric balloon is removed, patients will continue to receive ongoing nutritional counseling and life coaching. The portion control and coping strategies that patients learn in the first six months will continue to benefit the patient and help them prepare for long-term abstinence from destructive eating habits.

Am I a good candidate for Gastric Balloon Maryland?

Patients over the age of 18 with a BMI of 30-40 may qualify for the gastric balloon. This procedure is a more aggressive approach than dieting or diet pills but since it is nonsurgical, it offers a less invasive solution than bariatric surgery.

What results can I expect?

Patients can expect to lose up to 35% of their excess weight with the gastric balloon. This equates to roughly 25-75 pounds. However, outcomes vary by patient. It is worth noting that gastric balloon is said to be nearly 3 times as effective as dieting and exercise alone.

Can I have bariatric surgery after the gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon is frequently used as a stepping stone, allowing patients to lose the recommended weight before they can undergo bariatric surgery.

Does Health Insurance cover the gastric balloon in Maryland?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not yet recognize the gastric balloon as the life-saving procedure that it is, so it is not typically covered. However, there are outside financing options available to help make gastric balloon affordable for patients.

Gastric Balloon in Maryland

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