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Emergency General Surgeon in Maryland

Some conditions, like appendicitis, require an emergency general surgeon Maryland. Keep reading to learn about the kinds of urgent surgeries handled by the surgeons at Maryland Bariatrics.

What is an Emergency Surgery?

Unlike an elective surgery, an emergency surgery cannot be delayed. The condition may be life threatening.

Elective surgeries may be necessary, but they can be scheduled in advance and delayed if possible. An experienced general surgeon is preferred in such situations.

Emergency Surgeries

  • Acute Appendicitis. This small tube attached to your large intestine can sometimes get inflamed. When this happens, the appendix begins to swell with bacteria and pus. Leaving this untreated can result in the appendix rupturing, which can release bacteria and other harmful substances into the blood stream. An appendectomy is performed to remove the appendix.emergency general surgeon maryland
  • Strangulated Hernia. While most hernia surgeries can be scheduled and are not emergencies, occasionally the herniated tissue can be “strangulated” or have its blood supply cut off. In this situation, the tissue dies and begins releasing toxins into the blood stream. This surgery must be performed immediately. Symptoms include sudden pain that worsens, fever, fatigue, a burning sensation around the hernia, and more.
  • Cholecystitis. Inflammation of the gallbladder can be life-threatening if it results in a gallbladder rupture. Gallbladder pain is a very common reason for ER visits; however, most patients can go home with pain medication and make an appointment with a surgical consult. In some cases, the gallbladder should be removed immediately.
  • Cancer-Related Surgery or Biopsy. While these surgeries aren’t often emergencies, their urgency is great. Operative cancer should be removed as soon as possible. Similarly, suspicious growths should be tested for malignancy.

Emergency General Surgeon Maryland Bariatrics

If you’re in need of an urgent or emergency surgery, trust the experienced general surgeons at Maryland Bariatrics.

If you’ve been directed to have a surgical consult regarding an urgent issue call (301) 965-0546 to schedule a virtual consultation with the skilled providers today.

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