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Weight Loss Surgery: Navigating Quarantine and the Holidays in Maryland (Healthy Choices!)

Did you know that one of the top searched phrases on Google this winter has been “weight loss surgery holidays Maryland choices”?

That’s right, the holidays may be over, but with everyone still quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are still searching for the best healthy conscious meals to satisfy their cravings without widening their waistlines.

Holiday Food During Quarantine

If you are one of many who enjoy passing the time by cooking, or if you have an upcoming zoom call where friends and family enjoy eating and drinking together be sure to save this information.

Below are a few easy tricks to help you make the most out of this unique time while still committing to healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy Food and Drink Swaps

  1. The next time you celebrate a birthday, bridal shower or big event virtually swap out your champagne for a delicious sparkling water drink!
  2. Craving chili during the big game? Swap traditional cornbread for a Greek yogurt based cornbread instead!
  3. Want a starchy side with your protein of choice? Consider swapping creamy mashed potatoes for a cauliflower mash for a healthy and satisfying combo.

Healthy Eating Tips During Quarantine

The next time you find yourself going for a snack consider these simple tips to stay healthy during the holidays, quarantine, and whatever life throws at you next.

  • Prioritize eating your protein first, always.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully.
  • Stop eating when you feel full, don’t overindulge.
  • Always create healthy options whenever possible.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible.

Maryland Bariatrics

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