importance of picking the best bariatric weight loss surgeon 

Highlighting the Importance of Picking the Best Bariatric Weight Loss Surgeon

The importance of picking the best bariatric weight loss surgeon has become even more prevalent as more bad surgical outcomes are reported due to inexperienced surgeons.

Bariatric surgery is a serious surgical procedure that requires professional care from a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience performing this surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Standards

Did you know that in a recent Leapfrog study only four out of 10 hospitals qualified as competent with the minimum standards to perform weight loss surgery?

This is shocking when you consider the number of patients trusting their lives with these surgeons each and every day.

Why A Skilled Surgeon is Important?

It is important that you locate a reputable surgery center if you are considering weight loss surgery in the near future.

Only the most qualified surgeons will take the time to assess your current and past health history.

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss surgery is not for everyone.

In fact, at any qualified center, they want to avoid surgery whenever possible if there is an opportunity for the patient to lose weight through nonsurgical measures.

The Importance of Picking the Best Bariatric Weight Loss Surgeon

If you are interested in working with the best weight loss surgeons in the area, look no farther than Maryland Bariatrics.

Our team of bariatric professionals has been working with patients for years to help find the best weight loss plan for them.

If bariatric surgery is the best option to help you lose weight, you can rest assured that our surgeons are highly trained, and incredibly competent at providing safe and effective medical care.

Schedule a Consultation with a Qualified Bariatric Surgeon Today

Our surgeons are Barry Greene, MD, FACS, FASMBS, and Joseph Greene, MD, MBA, FACS.

If you are interested in medical weight loss and would like to schedule a consultation with a member of our team, please call Maryland Bariatrics today at (301)965-0546.

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