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Advice from the Best Bariatric Surgeon Washington DC Has to Offer

Today the best bariatric surgeon Washington DC has to offer is sharing his opinion on all of your weight loss surgery options while highlighting the risks of obesity if left untreated.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a treatment option for patients who are suffering from obesity and unable to lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

The goal of the surgery is to reduce the number of calories the patient can consume by shrinking the size of the stomach.

Who is a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery is to schedule a consultation with your local surgical professional.

However, generally, you will be approved for surgery if you have a body mass index of 40 or more. Patients with a BMI between 30 and 40 may also qualify if they have a secondary weight-related comorbidity such as diabetes or sleep apnea.

What are the Risks of Obesity?

Some of the most common health risks that patients who are obese may suffer from includes the following:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • Back pan
  • Digestive concerns
  • Physiological issues
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Incontinence

And more.

What is the Most Popular Bariatric Surgery Option?

Your doctor will be able to determine which surgical option is best for you based on your individual needs. However, some of the most frequently performed surgeries include:

  • Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding
  • Gastric sleeve/ Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric bypass
  • Duodenal switch

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