Does Hiatal Hernia Repair Help with GERD and Is It Covered by Insurance?

Does Hiatal Hernia Repair Help with GERD and Is It Covered by Insurance?

If you have GERD and have been told that surgery may be required to repair your hiatal hernia you are not alone. In fact, many patients are curious to know the answer to the question “does hiatal hernia repair help with GERD and is it covered by insurance?”

After all, chronic acid reflux can be a frustrating and debilitating condition and the last thing any patient wants is for that to be prolonged even after surgery.

Why Does a Hiatal Hernia Happen After GERD Surgery?

Many patients undergo a laparoscopic surgery for their chronic acid reflux. However, it is not uncommon for the stomach to travel up towards the chest as a result of this surgery which results in a hiatal hernia.

When this happens the barriers between the stomach and esophagus is compromised which creates more acid reflux and thus an unhappy patient.

Does Hiatal Hernia Repair Help with GERD and is it Covered by Insurance?

Yes, your surgeon should be able to pull the stomach back into the abdomen to reverse the hiatal hernia.

Once this is completed, the patient’s GERD will be resolved and they will no longer require medication to manage reflux issues.

As long as hiatal hernia surgery is recommended by your physician it should be covered within your insurance plan. However, it is always wise to call your carrier directly to confirm this.

Can Linx be Included as a Part of a Hiatal Hernia Repair Surgery?

Yes, we can also include Linx as a part of a hiatal hernia surgery. If your insurance does not cover Linx, you would have some out-of-pocket costs. However, it may cover a part of the procedure when done with a hiatal hernia repair.

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