How to Choose the Right Bariatric Surgeon in Maryland

How to Choose the Right Bariatric Surgeon in Maryland

Bariatric surgery is a lifechanging event so it’s important to choose the right bariatric surgeon in Maryland. Bariatric surgeons specialize in performing weight loss surgery and can help you navigate the post bariatric process. Here are some things to consider when choosing a bariatric surgeon in Maryland.

Ask for Referrals

Not sure where to start? Ask your primary care doctor, family and friends for their recommendations. This will give you a list of potential bariatric surgeons to consider.

Insurance Coverage

Once you have a referral list, find the surgeons who participate in your insurance plan. This ensures that you will receive the most insurance benefits and pay the least out of pocket for your care.

Credentials bariatric surgeon maryland

To narrow your list, choose only board-certified bariatric surgeons. Board certification shows that your doctor has the training, skill, and knowledge to provider optimal surgical care. It also shows their commitment to their field. You can also search for any additional certifications.


Read online reviews from patients. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from the staff, the office environment and the surgeon. It also gives you insight into scheduling, wait times, and more. You can also look into whether the surgeon has any malpractice or disciplinary history.


Bariatric surgery is a complex procedure so its important to find a surgeon with experience. Look for surgeons with a FASMBS designation. This means the surgeon completes at least 25 ASMBS approved bariatric surgeries a year. You can also review complication rates to see how many complications this surgeon has encountered.


This is only important for some people. If you are more comfortable with a specific gender, take that into consideration. You will need to share very personal information with your surgeon, so it’s important that you are comfortable.


It’s important to choose a surgeon who can effectively communicate with you. Make sure he/she takes the time to understand your and your goals and considers your treatment preferences.

Top Bariatric Surgeon in Maryland

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