Importance of Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups Near Me

Importance of Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups Near Me

Bariatric surgery can be a life changing event for patients struggling with obesity. However, a weight loss surgery support group is essential to success. Meeting with other people who are or have been in your same position is a great way to stay motivated and adjust to life after bariatric surgery. Here are some of the reasons support groups are so important.

Safe Zone

Bariatric surgery support groups are a safe place for patients. You are free to share feelings, thoughts, achievements, challenges and more with other patients. While friends and family may have the best intentions in supporting you, they may not fully understand what you are going through. However, your support group will understand.

Education Importance of Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups Near Me

Weight loss surgery support groups near me are a place where patients in all stages of the bariatric surgery process can come to learn. Post operative, pre operative and even prospective surgery patients can learn more about what to expect during recovery, life after surgery, challenges, and much more from people who have already had the surgery.

Typically, support group shave a topic planned for each group to help educate new patients and allow patients to share their experiences. Some of the most common topics for weight loss surgery support groups are:

  • Fitness
  • Addiction transfer
  • Emotional eating
  • Food addiction
  • Non-scale victories
  • Body image changes
  • Holiday eating
  • Stress management
  • Recipes and Cooking Tips
  • Much more


Studies have shown that patients who attend a bariatric support group regularly lose more weight than patients who do not attend. Furthermore, bariatric surgery patients who attend a support group are more likely to maintain their new healthy weight.

Connecting to the Community

Even though you have supportive friends and family, it is not the same as having a support system of people who are also weight loss surgery patients. Many patients meet and make new friends through their support groups. This can be a key component in the success of your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups Near Me

Bariatric surgery is a lifelong commitment. There will be challenges and victories and through it all, you will need a great support system. Learn more about weight loss surgery support groups near me today by contacting Maryland Bariatrics.


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