Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

If you are struggling to lose that extra weight you are not alone in considering weight loss surgery abroad.

However, while the low prices can be appealing there are many risks that come from seeking medical attention overseas.

Subpar Standards

While there are certainly some overseas practices who may conform to our westernized standard of care, there is no guarantee that the location you are looking at will provide the level of service you desire.

The United States mandates that all healthcare providers are in compliance with the federal quality and safety standards mandated by the government.

Offices in other countries do not have to adhere to the same standard of care and thus may put you and your health at risk.

Turning a Profit

The truth is that many overseas weight loss centers may not always have your best interests in mind.

Many facilities see how much Americans are willing to pay for weight loss surgery before considering if it is a safe or even necessary option for the patient.

In the United States your doctor will look at your body mass index and past medical history in order to verify that surgery is the best option for your individual needs.

It Takes a Village

While the price tag on an overseas weight loss surgery may be appealing it is simply not the most effective strategy for weight loss.

Your local weight loss doctor will be able to monitor you for weight related secondary conditions, something an overseas doctor cannot follow up on after you leave the country.

Additionally, it is helpful to have your doctor and their team be a resource for you as weight loss is typically a long road for many.

Your local doctor and their staff will be able to be there for you during this time as you coordinate your lifestyle choices to aid in your weight loss and maintenance.

Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

At the end of the day we do not recommend weight loss surgery abroad, especially when compared to the value that your local surgeon has to offer you.

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