Self-pay Weight Loss Surgery Near Me

Self-pay Weight Loss Surgery Near Me

You’ve finally decided to pursue bariatric surgery, now you’re questioning how to pay for it. Should you go through your insurance or self-pay? While it may seem confusing, it’s actually quite simple. For patients with no insurance, or insurance that doesn’t provide bariatric benefits, self-pay weight loss surgery makes the most sense.

However, even if you have bariatric benefits, it may be worth it to self-pay for your weight loss surgery. Here’s why.

Approval Process

The insurance approval process can be quite frustrating. This is a significantly time-consuming process. Before insurance will even consider approving the claim, they usually require a battery of tests, appointments, assessments, and exams. Even if you have bariatric benefits, you have to jump through hoops to get them.

Self-Pay is Faster

Self-pay Weight Loss Surgery Near Me

Instead of jumping through hoops to prove you deserve the surgery, you don’t have to wait for an insurance claim to be approved. Self-paying for weight loss surgery is quicker because you don’t’ need as many lab tests, exams and assessments before the surgery process can begin.

Additionally, most insurance companies mandate that patients go through a six-month medically supervised weight loss class before the surgery, pushing back your surgery even more.

Choosing a Surgeon

Insurance providers will also sometimes require you to pick a hospital or bariatric surgery center that is in your network. But is this the right provider for you? Bariatric surgery is a life changing event, and it should be your decision who performs the surgery. Self-paying your bariatric surgery gives you this freedom to choose a surgeon.

Choosing a Surgery

Unfortunately, some insurance providers will only cover specific bariatric surgeries. For example, many insurance providers still cover LAP Band surgery, but safer procedures like the gastric sleeve or duodenal switch may have a lower rate of approval by insurance companies.

The type of bariatric surgery you choose is crucial. Some procedures will give you a better chance of weight loss.

Self-Pay May Cost Less

Many patients think that going through their insurance will reduce the final cost of bariatric surgery. On the contrary, self-paying for weight loss surgery can be more affordable. One reason this happens is because if your plan has high copays and deductibles, you must pay those out of pocket before your insurance covers any remaining cost.

Another reason is that using your insurance may result in higher premiums. And finally, some bariatric centers and not-for-profit hospitals offer cash-pay options designed to be more affordable.

Self-Pay Weight Loss Surgery Near Me

It may sound too good to be true, but self-paying may be the perfect choice for you. To learn more about this option, please contact Maryland Bariatrics today.

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